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  • Of course you want to sell your house quickly. Nobody wants to limit their mobility or options while waiting around for a house to sell. But if you’re a particularly motivated seller – perhaps you’ve accepted a job elsewhere or have found a house you want to buy – there are many steps you can take to accelerate the process. If you follow these ten simple tips, you can minimize the time it takes to sell your house. 


    1. Price It Right:

    Pricing a house correctly is the most important thing you can do to sell it in a timely manner. Hiring a licensed appraiser to help you determine your asking price is money well spent. It is difficult to sell your house if your asking price is unrealistic, but an experienced appraiser and Realtor can help you determine the right price from the start.

    2. Reduce The Price If You’re In A Big Hurry To Sell:

    If you’re in a strong buyer’s market, you may consider pricing low. Starting high and then repeatedly cutting the price does not work. People begin to wonder what is fundamentally wrong with a house whose price keeps dropping. Yes, under-pricing your house cuts into your profit, but if it sells right away, you don’t have the costs of carrying the property while waiting for it to sell.

    3. Make All Necessary Repairs:

    You want every potential buyer to think he or she could move right in and start living. If buyers know that every light switch, every electrical outlet, every appliance and every plumbing fixture is in good working order, they have fewer reasons to hesitate before making an offer.

    4. Get It Move In Ready:

    This is an extension of the last tip. Ruthlessly de-clutter your house and clean it top to bottom, including windows, inside and out. You want prospective buyers to imagine themselves living in the house, and this is far easier for them to do if everything works, everything is clean, and there isn’t junk everywhere

    5. Sweeten The Deal:

    Consider offering to cover some of the closing costs. This often goes over well with first time buyers. You might also consider prepaying taxes or paying for a year of cleaning or mowing service. To get more ideas, think about the incentives you would like someone to offer you when you buy a house.

    6. Don’t Turn Down A Bid:

    If you get a bid early on, it’s all too tempting to become overconfident and assume you’ll have plenty more bids. But that is not necessarily so. If you get an offer that’s within the range of what you’ll take, you should strongly consider accepting it. At the very least make an enticing counteroffer (perhaps with one or more of the deal-sweeteners from the last tip). Too many sellers turn down an early bid only to find other offers are not forthcoming.

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