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  • When I My Rent Due

    Rent is due on the 1st day of each month. Rent needs to be paid with a personal check, cashier's check, money order or direct deposit. We DO NOT accept cash payments.

    You may directly deposit your rent check into any Bank of America branch. Account provided on lease. ***YOU MUST LIST THE RENTAL ADDRESS ON THE DEPOSIT SLIP***

    You can mail a personal check, cashier's check or money order to: A & M Management of Arizona located at PO BOX 1676, Maricopa, AZ 85139. ***You MUST put the rental address in the memo field***

    You can set up online bill pay and add A & M Management as a Payee. Use your rental home address as your "Account Number". Mail to: A & M Management of Arizona located at PO BOX 1676, Maricopa, AZ 85139.

    You will be provided a tenant portal with a login and password. There you can make a payment to your account.



  • Questions Regarding Rent Payments

    Who do I contact with questions about my rent payment? Contact your property manager.

    What are the fees if my rent is late? The late fees are $75 the first day it is late plus an additional late fee of $10 until paid in full. A 5 day notice fee of $35 is also charged if a notice is served.

    What happens if I bounce a check? Your account will be charged a $50 NSF fee plus the late fees above. A & M Management of Arizona will not longer be able to accept personal checks after the 1st NSF check.

    Can I make a partial payment of rent and fees? NO, you must maintain a $0 balance on your account at all times. You MUST have written approval from your Property Manager if you are not able to make a full payment.

    Will I receive a monthly statement? No


  • Security Deposits

    Return of the security deposit – THE SECURITY DEPOSIT MAY NOT BE USED AS THE LAST MONTHS’S RENT!!!!!!!

    1. The security deposit will be refunded in one check made payable to all tenants within 14 business days of your final move-out inspection or when management obtains possession. Possession occurs when keys are returned to the office and/or manager.
    2. Following are the requirements for a full refund:
    • Have given a written 30-day notice prior to vacating.
    • Have left the premises clean, undamaged, and followed all check out procedures in the lease.
    • All walls are clean and unmarred. (Home interiors are not always fully painted between residents.)
    • All carpets have been professionally cleaned (receipt required.)
    • All landscaping has been trimmed, blown out and raked.
    • Have paid all charges and rents due.
    • Have removed all debris, rubbish, and discarded all items from the premises.
    • Have provided a forwarding address and telephone number.
    • Have an acceptable move out walk-through with your property manager.
  • Maintenance

    Minimum cleaning standards -

    1. Keep windows and doors clean, inside and outside. Interior cleaning at least once per month, exterior cleaning every six months. Wash between windows and screens every 3 months.
    2. Wash interior doors, doorways and walls in heavily traveled areas every 2-3 months.
    3. Clean dust, dirt and debris from the upper and lower sliding glass door tracks monthly.
    4. Clean stove, drip pans, under drip pans, oven racks & drawers, broiler pan, hood, filter and vent twice monthly.
    5. Mop and wax all vinyl and hardwood floors twice monthly, mop all tile floors twice monthly.
    6. Dust baseboards, windowsills, ceiling fans, doors, ceilings and corners of rooms monthly.
    7. Clean a/c and heat air return and replace air filter monthly.
    8. Clean and sweep out fireplace. Clean fireplace grate, screen and glass, if provided.
    9. Replace all burned out light bulbs as needed, clean lighting fixtures as needed. You will be charged for all bulbs that have to be replaced upon, move out.
    10. Curtains or blinds should be cleaned every six months.
    11. Bathrooms should be cleaned every week. This includes the toilet base, bowl, seat, shower, tub, medicine cabinet, sinks, mirrors and all cabinets and drawers (including walls).
    12. Replace caulking in tub and sinks as needed.
    13. Sweep out the garage as needed.
    14. Wash or dust cobwebs from exterior of property every 3 months or as needed.
  • Repairs

    In the event that I have a water leak, what should I do? Shut the water off at the location of the leak or use the main shutoff if you are unable to located the source. Dry up any water to limit the damage and call your Property Manager.

    What should I do if my toilet backs up? Try plunging the toilet. If this does not work, contact your Property Manager. Please note that you will be responsible for the cost of the maintenance call if the plumber determines the clog was caused by tenant actions.

    What should I do if my kitchen sink will not drain? A simple fix if you do not want to pay for a plumber would be to unscrew the p-trap under the sink and clear out the debris. If you are unable to find the problem, or do not wish to attempt the repair on your own, contact your Property Manager. Please note that you will be responsible for the cost of the maintenance call if the plumber determines the clog was caused by tenant actions.

    If my garbage disposal fails, what should I do? Press the reset button found on all disposal units. You should also try to turn the unit manually with an allen wrench or screw driver. Please note that you will be responsible for the cost of the maintenance call if the plumber determines the clog was caused by tenant actions.

    In the event my garage door comes off the track, what should I do? Do not try and correct the problem. Contact your Property Manager.


  • Move Out Inspections

    It is your responsibility to schedule your move-out inspection. Asking for a same day inspection is impossible, as the property managers have a full schedule. You may be present, but please do not follow the manager through the house. We give you the privilege of completing your initial report without Management looking over your shoulder; please give us the same consideration. If you are not present, Management’s report is final.

    1. Inspections are made from 9:00am-4:00pm Monday through Friday. Please do not plan on an inspection to be made on weekends or holidays. They take up to an hour, depending on the size of the home.
    2. All utilities are to remain on for 72 hours after the inspection. This enables you to have utilities for any additional work if all is not acceptable the first time through.
    3. Inspections are made only after you have completely vacated the unit, carpets have been professionally cleaned and dry (receipt required), yard is mowed, landscaping clean and trimmed, all trash is hauled off, and you are ready to turn over keys at the time of the inspection.
    4. A room-by-room check will be made, including interior, exterior, grounds, appliances, windows, curtains, blinds, etc.
    5. A re-inspection fee of $50.00 will be charged for each return trip that is required after the first appointment. If the Inspector arrives for the appointment and the house is not ready and/or the utilities are not on, the inspector will leave. You will be charged for all subsequent trips.
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